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Admission, Retention and Degree Requirements

Department of Medicine
School of Medicine

Admission: All the students entering Seoul Central College of Medicine are required to have at least 3 years* (135 quarter credit or 90 semester credits) of study at accredited colleges or universities. A bachelor's degree is highly recommended. To obtain application forms, request should be addressed to: Office of the Admissions, Seoul Central College of Medicine. An electronic application is also available via web page.

* Those who do not have 90 college credits can apply. Students will be placed in an academic program until the pre-medical requirements have been completed. 

Requirements for Entrance

A baccalaureate degree is not required but is preferred. However, the student must have successfully completed a total of 90 credit hours to include :
Biological Sciences ( with lab): 1 year
General Chemistry ( with Labs): 1 year
Organic chemistry (with Labs): 1 year
Physics (with lab): 1 year
As well as courses in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Any undergraduate degree is acceptable. The candidate should show exceptional achievement in a field of study, as well as experience in humanities and social sciences. Those who do not have all of the premedical requirements completed may apply. Students will be placed in an academic program until the pre-medical requirements have been completed. Upon successful completion of the pre-medical requirements, the students then will be admitted to the medical program. 

Selection Factors

Applicants are selected on the basis of academic achievement, faculty evaluations, evidence of maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity and compassion. Candidates also must present a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.00* (on a 4.00 scale). *The minimum GPA requirement waiver is available case-by-case basis.
Seoul Central College of Medicine adheres to a policy of equal opportunity in medical education and therefore considers applicants without regard to sex, race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, physical disability, or sexual orientation. 

B.S./M.D. combined program*

BS/MD combined program is open to high school graduates. All students entering the B.S./M.D. combined program at Division of Life Sciences are required to have high school diploma (or GED). All students entering the M.S. program are required to have a Bachelor's degree from accredited colleges or universities.

The following material must be received in order to be considered for acceptance.

1. Complete application form
2. 2 letters of recommendations
3. Official transcripts from each college attended
4. US$125 (US Domestic) or $200 (international), non-refundable application fee

Academic Progress and Promotion

Promotion from one semester to the nest is based upon ethical, behavioral and academic proficiency. A student is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress when student receives a passing grade (C or above) in all courses each semester.

Degree requirements

In order to be eligible to receive the B.S. and M.D. degree, a student must have met all requirements of the school to includes:

1. Successful completion of all courses
2. Payment of all fees and charges owed the university
3. Passing the university's final comprehensive examination
4. Completion of a review of academic documents 

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