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Q : How long is the B.S./M.D. combined program?
A : The B.S./M.D. program is 54 months long, it will take 4 and half years to complete the program without taking summer/winter vacations.
Q : How long is the M.D. program?
A : The M.D. program is approximately 38 months long.
Q : What scores are required on MCAT for M.D. program?
A : The medical school does not require the MCAT score. However, the medical school does seek students who are strong in academics as well as passionate about medicine. If you have taken the test, we encourage you to submit your scores as they help you qualify for some scholarships. 
Q : When can I start the class at the ACU?
A : There are three enrollment seasons at the ACU-January, May, and September.
Q : Where can I stay while visiting campus?
A : Limited on-campus housing and numerous hotels are available.
Q : Do you offer part-time or night classes?
A : Due to the level of focus required to earn an M.D. degree, classes are currently offered on a full-time schedule only.
Q : Can I transfer from another school?
A : If the school is accredited, maximum 45 credits are transferable toward B.S./M.D. combined program and maximum three years worth of credits are transferable toward M.D. degree. 
Q : How much will I earn when I graduate?
A : Average income for a typical licensed physician varies from $80,000-$250,000 per year.

Q : Will I be a physician/surgeon when I graduate?
A : In the U.S., you must complete 2-4 years of initial residency training before getting a license.

Q : What degree will I earn?
A : For B.S./M.D. combined program, you will earn Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and Doctor of Medicine degrees. For M.D. program, you will earn Doctor of Medicine degree. 
Q : What does it cost to attend the medical school?
A : The 2006 tuition is $4,999 per trimester. Please refer the financial information on the Web.
Q : Is financial aid available?
A : Due to the newness of the medical school, financial aid is not available.
Q : Where is the Atlanta Central University located?
A : Our campus is located in the beautiful British territory called Montserrat. The nearest international airport is Antigua (airport code: ANU) with direct service from London, New York (approx. 3 and half hours), Miami (approx. 2 hours), Philadelphia, Toronto, San Juan. Travel from Antigua to Montserrat is possible via either helicopter or ferry services. A fast, comfortable ride of just 50-55 minutes by ferry and 20 minutes by helicopter. 
Q : Do you have on-campus housing? How much does it cost?
A : Yes, the university will have on-campus housing ready by the beginning of the first trimester. It costs $499.00 for a triple-occupancy. 

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