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Costs are given for one trimester. ACU Seoul Central College of Medicine reserves the right to change any of the charges without notice.
Application Fee* $ 95.00
Matriculation Fee $500.00
Acceptance Fee** $1,000.00
Tuition $4,999.00
Tranfer Credit Fee $30 per credit
Dormitory $499.00 per month (based on double occupancy)
Estimated Expenses (Books, meals, and misc. expenses) $ 350.00 - $ 500.00/month
*One time non-refundable fee at time of application
**A one time fee, due fifteen (15) days from date of acceptance letter (non-refundable)


Plan 1 : Degree

M.D. Program: $4,999.00/trimester (or $250/credit for other than full-time status)
M.S. Program: No tuition with a full scholarship (otherwise, $12,000 per year) 

Plan 2 : Tuition Installment Plan

ACU realize that budgeting for medical education can be a burden. To make tuition payment more affordable, the following plan has been created. Instead of paying tuition and fees in one lump sum, the plan allows you to pay manageable monthly payment of tuition (surcharge of $200 is added).

All applicants must make a nonrefundable acceptance payment of $500.00 within 15 days following the acceptance to the School of Medicine to guarantee their seat in the class. Tuition invoices are mailed to the permanent address indicated by the student on their applications. All tuition is due two weeks before the first day of the trimester. It is the policy of School of Medicine to withhold all diplomas, degrees, official transcripts and any other records of course work from students who have outstanding, overdue debts to the School of Medicine.
The trustees of the university reserve the right to change tuition rates and fees at their discretion whenever it is deemed advisable.
Other Fees and Service Charges

In addition to the above tuition and acceptance fees there are several other fees that may affect the student.

Class Note Fee: $50.00/trimester
Medical Insurance: (varies with plan)
Late Payment Fee: $200.00
ID Card Fee: $20.00
Microscope Rental: $100.00/trimester ($25.00 for Pre-Med)
Clinical Rotation Fee: $200-$400 per month may apply to certain U.S. or U.K. clinical programs

All fees are non-refundable.

Any breakage or damage to property of the University will be assessed to the student responsible at the actual cost of replacement.
Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Application/Matriculation fee: Non-refundable.
  2. Instructional materials: If any, for the return or recovery of materials within fifteen (15) days from the day on which enrollment was assigned, the student will receive refund of all the monies paid. After the time period described above, the student will receive full refund only for the material that has not been taught.
  3. Tuition: A student may terminated enrollment upon writing a letter of cancellation and deliver it to the school either in person, or by certified mail within three (3) working days. If by certified mail, it will be effective the date postmarked. If delivered personally, it will be effective the date it is received.

Undergraduate and medical students withdrawing from the university will be credited for tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Prior to 1st day of class 100%
1st week 80%
2nd week 60%
3rd week 40%
4th week 20%
5th week No refund

Note: First-semester undergraduate freshmen who receive Title IV aid
(if available) and who withdraw will receive a refund with federal regulation. 

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