4187 NE Expressway
Atlanta, Georgia 30340
TEL :  (770) 270 - 9290
FAX :  (770) 270 - 0012

The Direction to Our Campus


  1. The nearest international airport is Antigua with direct services from New York, Newark, Philadelphia, London, Toronto, San Juan and connection flights from all over the United States. ANTIGUA(airport code: ANU)will be your final destination via air(make sure that if you want to return to home during the winter recess as 10 DEC 2007 is the last day of final exam).
  2. From Antigua take a WINAIR flight to Montserrat.
  3. WINAR Flight Schedule: 


    WM301 - departs at 7:20am
    WM303 - departs at 9:45am
    WM311 - departs at 11:00am  


    WM319 - departs at 2:35pm
    WM323 - departs at 3:50pm
    WM324 - departs at 5:10pm

Approximate cost - US$100.0 or EC$270.00 one-way

Please contact the following agency for more information:

Montserrat WINAIR Flight Service: Telephone (664) 491-6988

Antigua WINAIR Flight Service: Telephone:(268) 462-2523

  1. Arrive to Montserrat and contact Ms. Beverley West: Telephone (664) 491-5181.
  2. Wait for her and she will escort you to the ACU University Center.


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